Will the cloak work in Shadowlands?

Can you get the BfA cloak in Shadowlands?

If you are talking about the legendary cloak for BfA, yes you can still get it. The way to do this is through the Magni (Champions of Azeroth) legendary questline. After hitting level 50 you will get a quest to visit Magni in Silithus where you get the Heart of Azeroth.

Can you upgrade your cloak in Shadowlands?

You'll need to collect Coalescing Visions from Assaults, to enter Horrific Visions and complete specific objectives within the Horrific Visions. The higher the rank of your cloak, the further you'll need to delve into Horrific Visions in order to receive another upgrade.

How do you get the legendary cloak in Shadowlands?

In order to unlock the Legendary Cloak you will need to complete a number of pre-requisite quest, starting with (A) An Unwelcome Advisor or (H) Return of the Black Prince. If you have lost your place during the quest chain, there are a number of locations on your map you will want to check for the "!" icon.

How do I get my cloak in wow?

You will obtain the cloak as a reward from Beginning the Descent, a quest that takes you into Blackwing Descent with Wrathion. The cloak has a base item level of 470 and comes with a plethora of stats and effects, as can be seen below.

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