Why does my villager have pink swirls?

What do pink swirls on villager mean?

Tip: Villagers get purple swirls when they have something new to buy/sell.

Why is my villager purple?

The scroll bar of the villager trading UI becomes dark purple if there is an enchanted weapon in the inventory or the hotbar. If you hold an item with your mouse, the scroll bar would become normal, if you have multiple enchanted items, the scroll bar will still become color dark purple.

Can you give a nitwit villager a job?

If the zombie villager is player spawned, it adopts a randomly chosen profession.‌ [Bedrock Edition only] The villager can also be a nitwit, as the game counts it as a "profession" but the nitwit villager still can't work.

What do pink bubbles mean in Minecraft?

It means they have a trade available AFAIK.

Can villagers breed with baked potatoes?

Pigs follow and can be bred by a player holding a potato. Villagers can pick up potato items to become willing, which allow them to breed. Villagers require 12 potatoes to become willing.

Can villagers sell Obsidian?

Obsidian can now be found in village blacksmith chests. The ender chest has been introduced, which is crafted using obsidian. As diamond pickaxes can now be purchased from blacksmith villagers, obsidian can now be fully renewably obtained.

What do the clouds above villagers mean?

it means they cant reach a bell, bed or profession block that they have claimed. when a villager can't reach a claimed block, they break ownership with it(the clouds) and attach to a similar vacant block in range(the green sparkles).

Can 2 nitwits breed?

Yes, Nitwit Villagers breed with each other and with other villagers.

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