Why does Linux crash so much?

What causes Linux to freeze?

Some of the common causes that cause freezing/hanging in Linux are either software or hardware related issues. They include; system resources exhaustion, application compatibility issues, under-performing hardware, slow networks, device/application configurations, and long-running un-interruptable computations.

How do I stop Linux from freezing?

The easiest way of stopping a program running on the terminal you are using is pressing Ctrl+C, which asks a program to stop (sends SIGINT) – but the program can ignore this. Ctrl+C also works on programs like XTerm or Konsole.

How do you shutdown a frozen Linux?

Answer: Try the following two simple methods first: Hold down Ctrl+Alt+Backspace if you are in graphic mode. if not work, then hold down "Ctrl+Alt+F1" to get into the shell and use the "reboot" command to reboot.

Does Apple last longer than Windows?

While the life expectancy of a Macbook versus a PC cannot be determined perfectly, MacBooks tend to last longer than PCs. This is because Apple ensures that Mac systems are optimized to work together, making MacBooks run more smoothly for the duration of their lifetime.

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