Who is Helga in SSO?

Who is Gretchen in SSO?

Gretchen is a tourist from Germany. She is visiting Jorvik with her parents, Gunther and Helga.

Where is Gunther in Star Stable?

Character Traits Gunther is a tourist from Germany.

What level does Epona unlock?

level 16
In addition to being level 16, to enter Epona you will need to have completed the following: – Helped Helga with her summer cottage.

Who is James in SSO?

James Cloudmill is Alex's little brother. In Star Stable Online, he is in charge of Fort Pinta and is always trying to earn money.

Where is Helga and her family?

In all language versions, Helga and her family are Germans, but in the German version of Star Stable Online they're Swedish.

Who is Lisa Peterson SSO?

Lisa Peterson is one of the Soul Riders. She rides the horse Starshine and is the main character of Starshine Legacy: Episode 1. She is also a playable character in the Star Academy games. Her symbol is the star, and she has the ability to heal.

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