Who is Evelyn Lozada married to?

Who is Evelyn’s baby daddy?

The father of Evelyn Lozada's baby is Carl Crawford of the Los Angeles Dodgers, PEOPLE has learned. The identity was revealed during an interview with omg!

Who is Evelyn Lozada daughter?

Shaniece Hairston
Evelyn Lozada/Daughters
Evelyn Lozada's daughter Shaniece Hairston was mentioned on the Basketball Wives season finale.

Who is dating Evelyn Lozada?

Evelyn Lozada and Marc Anthony have been spending some time together. If you're familiar with Evelyn Lozada, then you know that her exes are some of the most well-known celebrities. From ex-husband and former NFL player Chad Ochocinco to MLB player Carl Crawford, Evelyn has had her share of the most notable men.

Who is Malaysia Pargo’s ex husband?

Jannero Pargo2006 – 2014
Malaysia Pargo/Ex-spouses

Who is Malaysia Pargo’s husband?

Jannero Pargom. 2006–2014
Malaysia Pargo/Husband

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