Who is Aaron Siegel SCP?

Who is Aaron Siegel?

Aaron Siegel is a transdisciplinarian with a concentration in computational information design. He has created work for various institutions including the NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory, Electroland, Directed Play, the MIT SENSEable City Laboratory, Facebook and Fabrica.

Who is the God of SCP?

SCP-343 is a Safe Class SCP known as "God". He is believed to be an raceless omnipotent being that has taken the form/appearance of the Abrahamic God.

Is Aaron Siegel real?

James Aaron Siegel is an American scientist who founded the SCP Foundation in the 1800s. Siegel would eventually retire from this position and became O5-1. He fathered Dr.

What’s the scariest SCP?

The 100 Scariest SCP Entries No. 1-10

  • SCP-106: The Old Man (AKA Radical Larry)
  • SCP-049: The Plague Doctor.
  • SCP-096: The Shy Guy.
  • SCP-682: “The Hard-to-Destroy Reptile"
  • SCP-939: "With Many Voices”
  • SCP-993: “Bobble the Clown”
  • SCP-055: [unknown]

Who is Gears SCP?

1956-) is a high-ranking scientist in the Foundation. Gears is the current Director of Site-17, former Director of Euclid-level Containment at Site-19, and also the former Facility 23 supervisor. Gears is also a consistent contributor to the overall SCP database, having written multiple entries and documents.

What does the chaos insurgency do?

The main objective for the Chaos Insurgents to win is to rescue any Class-D personnel, and killing scientists and MTF members, while neutralizing SCPs is not required for Insurgents to win.

Who is the broken God?

Mekhane, also known as The Broken God or WAN, is an ancient and mysterious deity in the universe of the SCP Foundation, who is worshipped by the Church of the Broken God.

Is Dr gears still alive?

However, despite his newfound immortality Gears' life eventually came to an end at which point he decided to rest against the tree. Following his death the Foundation was able to find his body after accessing the dimension again.

Does the Chaos Insurgency Help D class?

The Chaos Insurgency is tasked with rescuing class-D and killing all Foundation personnel, but are not required to kill SCPs.

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