Where is the second dungeon in New World?

How many dungeons are in the New World?

Dungeons are a crucial part of any MMORPG game. And New World doesn't lag behind the other games in that area. At the time of writing this article, this game has 6 dungeons. These dungeons get more and more difficult the more you progress in the game.

Where is Lazarus dungeon New World?

Lazarus Instrumentality – Level 65 Lazarus Instrumentality is the first max-level dungeon you will encounter. It is located near the Eternal Pool and Skyview Repose, north of Reekwater. To enter the Lazarus Instrumentality, at least one person in your group needs a Lazarus Tuning Orb.

How do you get to New World dungeons?

New World Dungeons / Expeditions Around level 25 you should get a quest, or are pointed towards a quest that takes to the Amrine Expedition, crafting the New World Amrine orb that allows you access. Roughly every ten levels later, you will get a quest that takes you to even more dungeons.

Where is the level 35 dungeon in New World?

You will head here at around level 35 and it is located in Everfall, at the Shattered Obelisk. It's recommended you head here at 35, although by this point there will likely be higher-level players repeating the Expedition for loot that can help you through at a lower level.

Where are the new world dungeons?

New World dungeons

  • The Amrhein excavation (recommended for level 25)
  • The Destroyed Obelisk (Recommended for Level 35)
  • The Depths (Recommended for Level 45)
  • The Dynasty Shipyard (Recommended for level 55)
  • The Lazarus instrument set (recommended for level 60)
  • The Garden of Origin (Recommended for level 60)

Oct 22, 2021

How do you beat chardis new world?

1:073:39How to EASILY BEAT the Last Boss of Lazarus! / CHARDIS GUIDE New …YouTube

How do you make a Starstone expedition?

Starstone Barrows Area 1: Ancient Hall

  1. Go down the hallway.
  2. Turn right and cross the bridge.
  3. Take out the ranged enemies first, then warriors and shieldmen last.
  4. Follow the linear path defeating enemies.
  5. Cross another bridge.
  6. Defeat Centimas mini-boss and his mobs.
  7. Use the Azoth Staff to unlock the door to the next area.

Oct 19, 2021

How do you make a Starstone orb tuning?

The first is to craft it. You will need to combine ten corrupted fragments, a steel chisel, fifty stone bricks, and an elemental heart in New World. Gathering them requires a decent level, as you can only obtain them once your stonecutting and faction levels have risen.

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