Where can I mine tin in WOW Classic?

What level is tin in WOW Classic?

level 65
Comment by knotjad. Mining Tin requires level 65 skill. After level 115, nodes become Green and will rarely level you up. After level 165 skill, nodes become Gray and you will no longer gain skill level.

Where can I mine coarse stone classic?

Comment by Yogish for levels 18-23 or so, the best place for easy farming of coarse stone is Remtravel's Excavation in Darkshore. The stone golems drop 1-2 ~50% of the time and also drop smooth pebbles (+4 damage shot).

Where can I find tin ore in Valheim?

You can find tin deposits near the water in black forest biomes. Keep an eye out for any rocks that look shinier than the ones around them. The deposits also have black streaks across them. Break these deposits down with your pickaxe as well, and you'll get tin ore.

Where can I farm tin ore Classic?

The Barrens is one of the best copper and tin mines in the game, and well worth visiting.

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