Where can I learn mining profession?

Where do you learn mining in Shadowlands?

Learning Shadowlands Mining Learn Shadowlands Mining from Excavationist Au'fer (39, 34), near the Forge in the Hall of Shapes in Oribos, the hub city of the Shadowlands.

Where can I learn mining in wow?

You can learn Mining from any Mining trainer at most of the cities of any race. The idea is, when you get out of your starting zone with your character, you will be sent to the city, like Orgrimmar for Orcs, Stormwind for Humans, Thunder Bluff for Taurens and Ironforge for Dwarves and Gnomes, etc.

Where can I learn mining in Orgrimmar?

A mining trainer is an NPC that offers miners the opportunity to train and learn recipes….Mining trainers.

Landmass Kalimdor
Trainer Gonto
Location Naros' Armory, Valley of Strength
Coordinates [73.1, 26.5]

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