Where can I farm solid stone classic?

Where can I farm coarse stone classic?

Comment by Yogish for levels 18-23 or so, the best place for easy farming of coarse stone is Remtravel's Excavation in Darkshore. The stone golems drop 1-2 ~50% of the time and also drop smooth pebbles (+4 damage shot).

What is solid stone used for in classic?

Solid stone can be found while mining and is used in Blacksmithing and Engineering and Jewelcrafting.

Where can I farm moss agate classic?

The easiest way to get moss agate, and a bunch of other mats is to use the sparklematic 5200 in gnomer. First, you'll want to grab the quests from Nogg's workshop in Org so you can port to gnomer from booty bay with a little item in your bag.

Where can I farm heavy stones?

You can get Heavy Stone from Iron Deposits. A couple good places to mine Iron is Western Plaguelands, Feralas and I like Arathi Highlands as well. If you're leveling JC I suggest keeping your Heavy Stone for they will come in handy and get you up to skill level 130.

What does raw moss agate look like?

Moss agate can be clear or milky white, with green dendritic inclusions that resemble moss. The colors are formed due to trace amounts of metal present as an impurity, such as chrome or iron. … Despite its name, moss agate does not contain organic matter and is usually formed from weathered volcanic rocks.

How much is moss agate worth?

An above-average quality landscape agate (dendritic agate) or moss agate can cost anywhere from $20 to over $200, depending on how appealing the landscape is. Dendritic and moss agate are actually not real agates since they don't have bands of color, but they are still sold as agates.

What is heavy stone used for in wow?

Heavy stone can be found while mining and is used in Blacksmithing and Engineering.

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