When was SCP 035 found?

When did they find SCP 049?

SCP-049 was discovered in Montauban, France when the SCP Foundation were investigating some mysterious disappearances. They found 049 surrounded by the people he had turned into SCP-049-2.

What was the first SCP?

The SCP Foundation series originated in the "paranormal" /x/ forum of 4chan, where the first special containment procedure, SCP-173, was posted in 2007. Many other special containment procedures were created shortly after, inspired by SCP-173.

What happens if you release SCP 035?

Once 035 is freed he will simply leave, and you won't be able to find him until you reach Entrance Zone, where you may find him dead in an office.

What class is SCP 035?

SCP-035, also known as the "Possessive Mask", is an SCP that attempts to manipulate the player into helping it escape during the containment breach….

Object Class Keter
Animate? Yes
Harmful? Yes, but not in-game
SCP Link SCP-035

What SCP number is Jeff the killer?

Rap Battle Information
Appeared In Slenderman vs Jeff The Killer
Vs Slender Man Jeff the Killer Hoody and Masky Eyeless Jack Smile Dog BEN MissingNO Zalgo
Release Date August 27, 2013

What SCP is a cat?

0:3621:09Exploring the SCP Foundation: Cat SCPs – YouTubeYouTube

What SCP is bendy?

SCP-173 Bendy 'The Sculpture' IRL.

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