What smell does divine want in hollow Knight?

What does heroic odor do?

Effect: Causes the bearer to emit a heroic odour. Defender's Crest in Hollow Knight is one out of the 45 Charms that is found in the game. These charms are special items that provide The Knight buffs that will help with both traversing Hallownest and battling its foes.

What happens when leg eater seeks out divine?

Enamoured by her pheromones, he seeks her after the Knight presents to him the full set of Unbreakable Charms. After this, he disappears from his camp and his claws can be found resting in Divine's room.

Why did Divine eat my charm?

Divine is a member of the Grimm Troupe. She is looking for the source of the smell deep below her, Leg Eater. She eats the Fragile Charms that he created when the Knight gives them to her, only giving them back as Unbreakable Charms after being given a large amount of Geo.

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