What PC specs do I need for streaming?

What computer specs do I need for streaming?

A good computer As far as technical specs go, Twitch recommends having at least an Intel Core i5-4670 processor (or its AMD equivalent), 8GB of RAM and Windows 7 or newer – don't worry, you can stream from a Mac, too.

Is i7 10700K good for streaming?

Using Intel's Turbo Boost technology, the i7-10700K can also reach up to 5.1GHz in clock speeds, making it one of the most powerful gaming processors ever made, easily outstripping its counterpart in the last-generation – especially if you're gaming and streaming at the same time.

Is i5 10th Gen good for streaming?

The Core i5-7600K provides a decent gaming experience during normal streaming, churning out 79.2 FPS. That's because it really isn't encoding frames, though—it drops 84.9% of them.

Is Ryzen 3600 good for streaming?

The reason the Ryzen 5 3600 is so much better for gaming and streaming though, is its support for simultaneous multithreading. That means that even though the CPU has six cores, it can actually address 12 threads at one time.

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