What is wulfenite good for?

What would you use wulfenite for?

Wulfenite can assist the balance of sexual energy in the body and initiate the flow of kundalini energy. It stimulates inspiration and persistence, helping artists to access new ideas and bring them to completion in the physical plane.

What does wulfenite stand for?

lead molybdate
wulfenite. / (ˈwʊlfəˌnaɪt) / noun. a yellow, orange, red, or grey lustrous secondary mineral consisting of lead molybdate in the form of platelike tetragonal crystals. It occurs with lead ores and is a source of molybdenum.

What is the hardness of wulfenite?

Wulfenite ordinarily crystallizes as thin, beveled, square plates that have a resinous to adamantine lustre, and they are yellow to orange in colour. The Mohs hardness is 3; specific gravity, 6.5–7; and crystal system, tetragonal.

What is wulfenite made of?

It is a secondary mineral found in open cavities of igneous rocks, the product of alteration found in upper oxidized portions of lead veins with commonly associated minerals including galena, pyromorphite and vanadinite. A thumbnail specimen of wulfenite from the world-renowned Red Cloud Mine in Yuma County.

Where is wulfenite most commonly found?

wulfenite, lead molybdate, PbMoO4, a minor source of molybdenum and the second most common molybdenum mineral. It occurs in the oxidized zone of lead and molybdenum deposits. Fine crystals have been found at Příbram, Czech Republic; Yuma County, Ariz., U.S.; and Mapimi, Durango, Mex.

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