What is the purpose of these accelerators in Accenture security?

What is the purpose of Accenture’s security accelerators?

Answer: The Accelerator upskills our people with key social innovation skills, links them around the world to share best practices and gives them the funding they might need to co-create with clients and partners.

What are Accenture accelerators?

Developed with BEA Systems, the Accenture Platform Accelerator is designed to help large enterprises build business applications such as online customer support sites and order management systems faster.

What do accelerators need?

Accelerators typically involve a selective application process. Once accepted, startups receive education, mentorship, networking, and potential funding. It's common for startups to enter accelerators in hopes of walking away with funding from investors.

What describes Accenture’s approach to automation?

It's approach is to provide custom based services to it's client, mainly through a cloud based system that enable their clients to shift to an automatic system leading to better business operations.

Are accelerators necessary?

Accelerators can significantly help grow the size and value of your company in a short period of time and can be an ideal gateway to venture capital, particularly for companies where the founders are new to the startup ecosystem.

Do accelerators give funding?

Private startup accelerators do provide funding and the money helps cover early-stage business expenses, as well as travel and living expenses for the three-month residency at the in-person startup accelerators.

What is Accenture’s approach when it comes to helping a client with security?

Answer: Once actual project work starts, the CDP approach is implemented across all active contracts, helping Accenture client teams work with clients to drive a security governance and operational environment that addresses the unique security risks of each client engagement.

What is Accenture’s approach when it comes to helping our clients with security Accenture?

CDP program
With the SOC's broad insight into risk compliance and potential threats, the CDP program helps drive improved, enterprise-wide compliance through its established security controls. This approach provides the ability to mitigate such risks, preventing them from impacting our own internal environment or that of a client.

How does Accenture SynOps help clients better manage their systems operations?

by encouraging clients to apply a machine-centered approach to automation strategy. … by providing clients with a collection of commercially available automation tools.

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