What is the difference between Pegasus 35 and 36?

Are Nike Air Zoom Pegasus 36 good for long distance?

It's no ultra-light, pricey racer like ZoomX Vaporfly NEXT%, either. But among Nike's shiny, fast styles, the Pegasus 36 is an affordable, thoughtful evolution of a long-running model that's proven to be dependable and, most importantly, comfortable—perhaps peaking, like many long-distance runners, after a few decades.

What is the difference between Pegasus 34 and 35?

In many ways, the Nike Air Zoom Pegasus 35 is a completely new shoe, when compared with its predecessor, the Pegasus 34. It is lighter than before—281 grams now compared with 295 grams before. This makes this one of the lighter fitness shoes that you can buy, without compromising on comfort, performance or looks.

When did the Pegasus 36 come out?

The Nike Zoom Pegasus 36 Trail will be available June 13 on Nike.com for $130.

Is Nike Air Pegasus a neutral shoe?

Men's Nike Pegasus The Pegasus is Nike's best selling neutral everyday running shoe. This reliable daily trainer can handle anything from everyday miles, long runs, and even faster workouts. It offers plush cushioning, excellent fit, style, and great value for any runner.

What are Nike Pegasus for?

Nike introduced the Pegasus, intended to be the shoe for every runner, in 1983. It was designed to be half air (similar to the winged half-horse it was named after) to represent movement, quickness and the allure of flying.

Is Nike Pegasus 35 a stability shoe?

If you're run-walking or easy running (10 min/mile or 6 min/km or slower), there's enough comfort for doing so. At faster paces, the ride feels great too. The midsole is also supportive and very neutral, and this wholesome behavior will appeal to most runners.

Are Nike Pegasus waterproof?

It's made with the same cushioned comfort you love, plus tough traction and improved midfoot construction for secure, neutral support. The waterproof upper helps keep you moving on rocky trails even when stormy conditions try to slow you down.

Are zoom Pegasus good?

The Nike Air Zoom Pegasus 37 is a great running trainer. The combination of the React foam and the Zoom Air units work well together, making runs both enjoyable and effective. Better still, the Pegasus 37 is not an absolute eyesore either so it could be worn for other things than just running.

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