What is smart fan mode BIOS?

What is PWM PC fan?

“PWM” stems from electrical engineering and is short for “pulse width modulation”, which is also known as “pulse-duration modulation”. What it means is that you can use it to almost freely control the RPM of a fan. The speed of regular fans can be modified by voltage regulation.

What is Acer smart fan?

Your Acer Extensa uses a fan to cool the central processing unit so that it doesn't overheat and sustain damaged. The fan speed is set with "Smart Fan Control," which automatically adjusts the fan speed depending on the temperature of the CPU. This means that your fan isn't running all the time.

What is the difference between PWM and DC?

In essence, PWM allows your motherboard to control the revolutions per minute or RPM of the fan based on perceived temperatures for various components in the computer. DC Fans are 3-pin/3-wire and have power, ground, and tachometric signals. … A duty cycle measures how long the signal is turned on versus turned off.

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