What is PSS mode?

What is PSS mode in BIOS?

PSS is Performance State so Cool & Quiet if you want your PC to cycle down when not under load leave it enabled.

What is PSS support?

Psychosocial Support (PSS) refers to the processes and actions that promote the holistic wellbeing of people in their social world. It includes support provided by family and friends. PSS can also be described as a process of facilitating resilience within individuals, families and communitie.

Should I turn on NX mode?

It is highly recommended that you enable the NX Technology BIOS feature for increased protection against buffer overflow attacks. However, please note that the No Execute feature is a hardware feature present only in the AMD64 family of processors. Older AMD processor do not support the No Execute feature.

What is NX mode?

NX Mode: Similar to Intel eXecute Disable (XD), AMD BIOS calls it No eXecute bit (NX); a technology used in processors to prevent execution of certain types of code.

What is DRAM latency enhance?

Likely, latency increase means it is using tighter IOL and RTOL timings. might even be a simple offset change of 1 digit value. If you want to further verify a positive change, run linpack with an 8gig or 12gig setting.

What is power supply idle control?

Power supply idle control is a motherboard setting for older (or cheaper) power supplies. A power supply requires a positive power draw to continue to feed power to the motherboard, if it detects a low power draw it assumes that the motherboard is in sleep mode, so it turns off until there's noticeable power draw.

What is C6 mode in BIOS?

C6 Mode: Means deep down, BIOS will automatically disable CPU core and cache for power saving. Global C-state Control: Affects power saving mode and efficiency.

What is PSS AMD?

PSS is a group of connective tissue disorders with similar symptoms. They are associated with thickened, hardened skin, fibrosis, inflammation, blood vessel degeneration and tissue damage. PSS may be localised or systemic. … Localised sclerosis affects the skin and, in some cases, the muscle beneath it.

What is NX enabled?

Some BIOS has advanced option of enabling or disabling it. NX stands for No eXecute and XD stands for eXecute Disable. Both are same and is a technology used in processors to prevent execution of certain types of code.

What is DRAM timing mode?

The DRAM Timing Mode option controls how the memory timing settings are configured. The Advance DRAM Configuration link activates with this option set to Link or Unlink.

What is memory fast boot?

Basically when the computer goes through POST it does a very quick check on the RAM. Memory fast boot skips this check. If you're confident your RAM is good you can skip it. It will not affect the performance of the computer past POST. Enabling it just knocks time off time to POST is all.

What does AMD cool and quiet do?

AMD Cool'n'Quiet is a CPU dynamic frequency scaling and power saving technology introduced by AMD with its Athlon XP processor line. It works by reducing the processor's clock rate and voltage when the processor is idle. … The objectives of cooler and quieter result in the name Cool'n'Quiet.

What is AMD CPB mode?

AMD Turbo Core a.k.a. AMD Core Performance Boost (CPB) is a technology implemented by AMD that allows the processor to dynamically adjust and control the processor operating frequency in certain versions of its processors which allows for increased performance when needed while maintaining lower power and thermal …

Should I disable AMD cool and quiet?

Realistically, unless you notice a performance degradation such as really low FPS in games, bad benchmarking scores attributed to CPU usage etc.. leave it on.

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