What is OTI and WTI in transformer?

What is temperature gauge in transformer?

In addition to (or instead of ) the winding temperature gauge, most transformers have an oil temperature gauge that measures the actual top oil temperature. The difference in temperature between the winding temperature gauge and the top oil temperature gauge is one indication of how heavily the transformer is loaded.

What is the temperature of transformer?

Transformer installation and temperature : Temperature rise of a transformer enclosure can reach 65°C maximum. Combined with a maximum ambient temperature of 40°C, enclosure surface temperature may attain 105°C. Hotspot temperature inside the transformer can reach 180°C at full load.

What is LV and HV side of transformer?

The transformer high voltage side carries the high voltage or HV windings. The transformer's high voltage side carries high voltage and low current. The transformer high voltage side winding having more turns than the low voltage side.


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