What is Nike Air Zoom?

Which gas is used in Nike Air technology?

Nike Air technology consists of pressurized air (nitrogen) inside a tough yet flexible bag called the Nike Air sole unit.

What are Indian Airlines called?

Air India
Air India is the flag carrier airline of India, headquartered at New Delhi.

Where are Nike Air made?

Nike Air Manufacturing Innovation manufactures its most advanced Air sole units from three Nike facilities in the U.S.—two of which are based in Oregon, near Nike's World Headquarters, and one near St. Louis, Missouri.

Do Air Max bubbles pop?

6:007:43Nike Air Max 90s After 5 Years – Popping the Bubble On Air Max 90sYouTube

Who is the owner of Air India?

Air India Limited
Air India/Parent organizations

Who is CEO of Air India?

Aloke Singh (Nov 2020–)
Air India Express/CEO

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