What is dispersive power of grating?

What is dispersive power?

Definition of dispersive power : the power of a transparent medium to separate different colors of light by refraction as measured by the difference in refractivity for two specified widely differing wavelengths divided by the refractivity at some specified intermediate wavelength.

What is the dispersive power of plane transmission grating?

From equation (ii), it is clear, that the dispersive power of the grating is (1) directly proportional to the number of lines per cm and (3) inversely proportional to cos θ. Thus, the angular spacing of any two spectral lines is double in the second order spectrum in comparison to the first order.

What is dispersive power and formula?

Formula for dispersive power is (where symbols have their usual meanings) or. If the refractive indices of crown glass for red, yellow, and violet colours are respectively μr. … , then the dispersive power of this glass would be. A. μv−μyμr−1.

What is dispersive power of the prism?

Dispersive power of prism is defined as the measure of the difference in refraction of the light of the highest wavelength and the lowest wavelength that enters the prism. The dispersive power of the prism can also be expressed in terms of the angle between the two extreme wavelengths.

What is the formula of dispersive power?

use the formula 𝜔 = 𝑛 − 𝑛 – 1      m i n m a x m i n m a x to relate the dispersive power of a prism to the refractive indexes for the different wavelengths of light passing through it.

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