What is dispersive power formula?

What is the unit of dispersive power?

The SI unit of dispersive power of prism is Watt.

What is dispersion formula in physics?

Types of Dispersion (Recall that the index of refraction is n = c/v, where ​c​ is the speed of light in a vacuum and ​v​ is the speed of light in the given medium.) … If a material has a lower Abbe's number, it will have more dispersion over the visible spectrum.

How do you calculate dispersive power of glass?

Calculate dispersive power of glass, accurately up to decimal places, from the following data: Refractive index of glass for red colour = 1.60. Refractive index of glass for yellow colour =1.61. Refractive index of glass for violet colour = 1.62.

What is the relation for dispersive power?

noun Optics. a measure of the ability of a substance to disperse light, equal to the quotient of the difference in refractive indices of the substance for two representative wavelengths divided by the difference of the refractive index for an intermediate wavelength and 1.

What is dispersive power of glass?

Mean refractive index means the average of two or more refractive indices. The dispersive power for glass is $0.01639$ .

What is dispersive power in physics?

: the power of a transparent medium to separate different colors of light by refraction as measured by the difference in refractivity for two specified widely differing wavelengths divided by the refractivity at some specified intermediate wavelength.

What is dispersion and dispersive power?

Hint: Dispersion is known as the phenomenon of splitting of white light into its constituent colours. … The dispersive power of the material of a prism is defined as the ratio of angular dispersion for any two wavelengths to the deviation of mean wavelength.

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