What is chromosome BYJU’s?

What is chromosome and its functions?

Chromosomes are thread-like structures present in the nucleus, which carries genetic information from one generation to another. They play a vital role in cell division, heredity, variation, mutation, repair and regeneration.

What is the number of chromosome?

In humans, each cell normally contains 23 pairs of chromosomes, for a total of 46.

What chromosome contains Class 9?

Chromosomes contain DNA and nuclear proteins. They contain the hereditary information for inheritance of features from the parents to the offspring as DNA. The DNA molecules contain the information for construction and organization of cells.

What is meant by chromosome answer?

(KROH-muh-some) A structure found inside the nucleus of a cell. A chromosome is made up of proteins and DNA organized into genes. Each cell normally contains 23 pairs of chromosomes.

What is meant by chromosome explain types of chromosome?

Answer: Chromosomes are basic building blocks of life that carry all of the information used to help a cell grow, thrive and reproduce. Chromosomes are made up of DNA. There are four types of chromosomes- metacentric, sub-metacentric, acrocentric and telocentric chromosomes.

What are the 2 types of chromosomes?

Chromosomes in humans can be divided into two types: autosomes (body chromosome(s)) and allosome (sex chromosome(s)). Certain genetic traits are linked to a person's sex and are passed on through the sex chromosomes. The autosomes contain the rest of the genetic hereditary information.


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