What is being Overcharmed?

How many charm notches can you have?

11 Charms
As you play, you can unlock a total of eight more, allowing you to equip 11 Charms. When you consider that there are a grand total of 45 Charms to be found in Hollow Knight, you'll realise that isn't actually that many Notches….Hollow Knight – Notch Upgrades.

Unlock Location Unlock Requirement
Dirtmouth Beat Grimm

•Aug 16, 2021

What does the God tuner do?

Godtuner is an Item in Hollow Knight. A device that is used to unlock a pantheon, it glows bright upon defeating mighty foes.

Is Deep Focus good Hollow Knight?

Its restrictive cost and slow Focus time make it hard to use in boss battles. It is better used in areas where there is lots of time to rest, such as while tackling difficult platforming challenges, where it shines in combination with Grubsong and Hiveblood.

What does Overcharmed do Hollow Knight?

When you've reached this status, you are susceptible to taking double the amount of damage from enemies. It's worth noting that you will still receive the benefits of the charm, and no matter how many notches over that minimum you go, you'll still only take twice the damage.

How do I get lifeblood?

0:005:19Hollow Knight- Blue Door in the Abyss: Lifeblood Core Charm LocationYouTube

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