What is Asics OrthoLite?

What does OrthoLite mean in shoes?

As well as being a material used in footwear, Ortholite is a well-known brand name as well. … Their founder's name is Glenn Barrett (pictured below). OrthoLite is most often found as an insole or lining made from recycled rubbers and proprietary polyurethane material. It is eco-friendly, and made to be sustainable.

Are gel shoes good for running?

ASICS GEL-Nimbus is one of the most popular neutral running shoes from ASICS – and Nimbus 23 is certainly no exception. This running shoe provides max. shock absorption and is categorized as a high-mileage training shoe which makes it excellent for longer runs at an easy pace.

What shoe is comparable to Asics Nimbus?

The Saucony Ride 10 is comparable to the ASICS GEL-Nimbus 20. Designed for neutral runners, the Ride 10 has a lightweight construction and a heel-to-toe drop of 8mm.

What are Asics shoes known for?

Asics is a well known provider of running shoes, although they do make regular style shoes as well. Not only is Asics known for their running shoes but the quality, style, price and durability of each running shoe as well.

Is Asics Nimbus a neutral shoe?

Men's ASICS Gel Nimbus The Asics Gel Nimbus features a great deal of cushioning for all runners, particularly those with larger frames. ASICS uses the best materials, construction, and technology available in the Gel Nimbus, creating a premium neutral everyday running shoe.

What’s the difference between cumulus and nimbus?

The main difference in real-world running is that the Nimbus 23 keeps being “softer” for longer, making it ideal for very long running sessions (or for heavier runners) while the Cumulus 23 tends to become “harder” at longer distances.

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