What is an 8 bit zombie?

How to counter arcade Zombie?

Bowling Bulbs are a good choice as they can quickly destroy multiple arcade machines and the 8-bit zombies spawned by it, due to their bouncing shots. Instant-use plants such as Cherry Bomb will quickly help get rid of arcade machines and 8-Bit Zombies and while should not be relied on, are very effective in a pinch.

How do you beat MC Zom B?


  1. Straight-shooting and lobber plants have a long-range, which makes MC Zom-B easier to defeat.
  2. Stunion, Stallia, and Iceberg Lettuce are effective in combating this zombie, as they can also prevent him from moving or can slow him down.

What is the most annoying zombie in Plants vs zombies?

The Octo zombie
The Octo zombie is one of the most hated zombies in the game.

What is thyme warp?

Thyme Warp is the third plant obtained in Neon Mixtape Tour in Plants vs. Zombies 2, and is the world's exclusive plant. When planted, it returns all zombies to their starting positions (the ninth column of the lawn) and restores them to full health.

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