What gender is sunflower Pvz?

Is sunflower a girl Pvz?

Fred is currently the only known male Sunflower in the series, as all others are depicted as female.

What was Popeye’s baby’s name?

In the comics, Swee'Pea is a baby found on Popeye's doorstep (actually delivered to him in a box) in a July 24, 1933 daily strip. Popeye adopts and raises him as his son – or, as he puts it, "boy-kid".

What gender is fire peashooter?

Fire Peashooter
Gender: Female
Favorite food: Doritos Locos Tacos
Health: 2,000
Abilities: Shoots Fire Peas at twice the speed of her brother, Fire Pea. She can heat plants and zombies around her and is like a walking air conditioner.

Is Chomper a boy or girl Land Before Time?

He is a Tyrannosaurus, which is one of many species of carnivorous dinosaurs called a sharptooth in The Land Before Time films….Chomper (The Land Before Time)

The Land Before Time character
Gender Male
Color Blue, with a lighter shade of blue running from mouth to tail (dark blue in the TV series)
Colored eyes Red

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