What gender is peashooter?

Is Cactus a girl Pvz?

The official Plants vs. Zombies: Garden Warfare strategy guide released by Prima refers to the Cactus as a female character, using pronouns such as "her" and "she." She is also referenced as a female in its Almanac entry in Plants vs.

Do Pvz plants have gender?

Cactus: female. Citron: male. Rose: female. … All-Star: male.

How much damage does the cactus do in Pvz?

Cactus costs 125 sun and attacks by firing spikes at zombies. The spikes she shoots deal the same amount of damage as a standard pea projectile, effectively making her a slightly more expensive Peashooter whose projectiles are unaffected by Torchwood's ignition ability.

Is Pvz peashooter a girl?

Flaming Pea and Fire Peashooter are both female.

What gender is thyme warp?

Thyme Warp/PuffyMuffins' Version

Thyme Warp
Gender: Female
Race: Plant
Abilities: Can manipulate time.
Faction: The 8Ds (Admin)

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