What does the digger zombie do?

How do you defeat the digger in zombies?

Also, try using Potato Mines, as they explode if the Digger Zombie digs underneath them. However, make sure they are armed or else they will be eaten.

What kills shovel zombies?

When these zombies come alone, using a Bonk Choy can be a good way to defeat them (the punches bypass his shovel and can attack from behind). Similar to Bonk Choy, the Celery Stalker and Split Pea can also attack the Excavator Zombie from behind.

Where do you find the Yeti Zombie?

Adventure mode, round 2- Now that you've got a feeling of accomplishment by beating the game, play Adventure mode again. 5. Yeti on 4- Continue playing through the levels until you reach Level 4-10. When you get to the last part of the stage, the Yeti Zombie will appear.

How do you stop tornado zombies in pvz2?

The best solution is to put plants that don't shoot or throw anything. Bonk Choy and Snapdragons are the ones Ive used. I notice the Jester will walk right up and not twist or spin. Squash will take out the zombie tornadoes.

How do you deal with Zomboni?

Any instant kill will destroy it as well. Although the Zomboni will leave an ice trail that nothing can be planted on, the Jalapeno can be used to melt the ice trail and kill the Zomboni simultaneously. If you kill the Zomboni, but you did not melt the ice trail, a Zombie Bobsled Team may appear.

How much HP does a Gargantuar have?

They were a Neighborhood zombie and behaved like they did in previous games, crushing plants and throwing Imps after losing half of their health. Gargantuar's health got nerfed, absorbing only 2,800 damage at level 1 compared to 3,600 in Plants vs. Zombies 2.

How do you stop all star zombies?

If the player wishes to defeat an All-Star Zombie quickly, instant-use plants like Cherry Bomb can do well to defeat him instantly. Magnifying Grass can also work, as it takes only two shots from Magnifying Grass to defeat an All-Star Zombie.

How do you beat Medusa zombie?

Try stalling her by planting Stunion, Iceberg Lettuce or Stallia. You can also use plants that can push back zombies such as Hurrikale which will prevent her from pushing the statues. Besides preventing her from pushing the statues, you can defeat her by using certain edible plants such as Chili Bean.

What is the most annoying zombie in Plants vs Zombies?

The Octo zombie
The Octo zombie is one of the most hated zombies in the game.

What is the most expensive plant in Pvz?

Cornucopia is the most expensive plant card in the game, costing 10 sun to play. Thus, it is also the only plant that cannot be transformed into another plant by Molekale.

How do I turn on mustache mode?

To earn this achievement, the player must simply type "mustache" or "moustache" while playing the game or in the main menu, which will make some types of zombies have mustaches.

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