What does tend o mean?

What does tend mean?

1 : to exhibit an inclination or tendency : conduce tends to be optimistic. 2 : to move, direct, or develop one's course in a particular direction cannot tell where society is tending. tend. verb (2) tended; tending; tends.

Is Tendo a word?

No, tendo is not in the scrabble dictionary.

What is FIBR O?

fibr(o)- word element [L.], fiber; fibrous.

What does lateralis mean?

[lat´er-al] 1. denoting a position farther from the median plane or midline of the body or a structure. 2. pertaining to a side.

What does tend mean in medical terms?

(ten'dĕr), Sensitive or painful as a result of pressure or contact that is not sufficent to cause discomfort in normal tissues. [L. tener, soft, delicate]

How do you use tend?

Tend sentence example

  1. We tend to never forget.
  2. Folks around here tend to wear gloves in the winter when it gets that nippy.
  3. Kris said the normal Immortals aren't allowed around you, because they tend to attack you.

What does ten o mean in medical terms?

a combining form meaning “tendon,” used in the formation of compound words: tenotomy.

What is cyst o medical term?

The combining form cysto- is used like a suffix meaning “cyst,” which is a scientific term for a bladder, sac, or vesicle. It is often used in scientific terms, especially in biology and pathology.

What does Medialis mean?

(mē′dē-əl) adj. 1. Relating to, situated in, or extending toward the middle; median.

What vastus mean?

a Latin word meaning "great," used in the medical names and descriptions of some muscles.

What does the medical term Fasci o mean?

fasci- , fascio- [L. fascia, band, bandage] Prefixes meaning band or fascia (fibrous membrane).

What is the root in tenosynovitis?

History and Etymology for tenosynovitis ten- (from Greek tenont-, ténōn "sinew, tendon") + -o- + synovitis — more at tendon.

Is O medical term meaning?

Prefix meaning equal, like.

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