What does passthrough audio mean?

Should you use audio passthrough?

5.1 audio passthrough allows you to connect a source device to a TV and have the TV pass the source's surround sound signal through to a receiver or soundbar. It can help cut down on the number of cables necessary for a surround sound setup, and without much impact on sound quality.

What does allow passthrough mean?

Enable passthrough: With this setting you can enable passthrough Kodi audio output for encoded audio formats. Passthrough output device: Only useful if you enabled passthrough audio, this lets you select the device you will use for audio playback of encoded formats.

What is passthrough audio Xbox?

Passthrough lets audio decoding from media apps on your compatible HDMI devices bypass the console for the highest quality listening experience with your external sound system. To start using it, see the new Allow Passthrough button on the Xbox audio settings screen.

What is audio passthrough earbuds?

ListenThrough is an alertness feature that allows headphones to pass through only the important sounds, blocking ambient noises and without compromising the music experience.

Should I enable audio passthrough Plex?

Tip!: We do not recommend enabling passthrough as the first thing you do. Only do that if you are very well informed about what it entails, because it's probably not what you want here. Plex has the capability to perfectly decode most “HD audio” formats.

How do you use Xbox audio passthrough?

To access Audio Passthrough, press the Xbox button  to open the guide, and then select My games & apps > Profile & system > Settings > General > Volume & audio output > Allow Passthrough.

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