What does Hepat O mean in medical terms?

What does Hepat mean in medical terminology?

the liver
Hepat-: Prefix or combining form used before a vowel to refer to the liver. From the Greek hepar, liver.

What does the Prefix enter o mean?

Entero-: Prefix referring to the intestine, as in enteropathy (a disease of the intestine) and enterospasm (a painful, intense contraction of the intestine).

What does the medical term Leuk O )- mean?

white blood cell
Leuko-: Prefix meaning white, as in leukocyte (white blood cell).

What is a Osteotome in medical terms?

British Dictionary definitions for osteotome osteotome. / (ˈɒstɪəˌtəʊm) / noun. a surgical instrument for cutting bone, usually a special chisel.

What does C O mean in medical terms?

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Abbreviation Meaning
C/O or c/o complains of
CO cardiac output carbon monoxide complains of
COAD chronic obstructive airways disease
COCP combined oral contraceptive pill

Does hem o mean blood?

Hemo- is a combining form used like a prefix meaning “blood.” It is used in many medical terms, especially in pathology. Hemo- comes from the Greek haîma, meaning “blood.” … Closely related to hemo- are -aemia, -emia, -haemia, and -hemia, which are combined to the ends of words to denote blood conditions.

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