What does Dazey chain do?

Can marigolds give diamonds?

As with all Zen Garden plants, Marigolds can drop gold and silver coins periodically for the player if they are happy. … To prevent easy gold farming, Marigolds sell for $3000, which is $5000 less than regular plants' selling price, and give fewer coins and diamonds on reaching each stage of growth.

What does Murkadamia nut do?

Murkadamia Nuts are defensive shadow plants who, when powered, grow jelly murk to damage attacking zombies.

How do you farm sprouts in Pvz?

In Plants vs. Zombies 2, sprouts are dropped randomly by zombies or rewarded in Piñatas. When picked up, sprouts will be added to the player's total sprout count. They can drop at virtually any time, and over the course of common gameplay may yield one or two sprouts per non-Endless Zone level.

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