What crypto does Zed run use?

What Blockchain does Zed run use?

Ethereum blockchain ZED RUN utilises Smart Contracts to record racehorses ownership and will be tracked via the use of the Ethereum blockchain and ZT ERC 721 non-fungible tokens. All racehorse data (bloodline, genotype, gender, colour, number of offsprings and race statistics) will be stored in the smart contract.

What is Zed run built on?

Topping up your wallet with Ethereum ETH stands for Ethereum. It's the blockchain that the entire Zed Run platform is built on, which means you will have to have some ETH in your Metamask wallet to buy your NFT horse.

How do you get the ETH out of Zed run?

The only difference here is that, rather than pressing the Deposit button, you need to press Withdraw button, then enter the amount you wish to move out of your ZED Balance and back into your ETH Balance (i.e. MetaMask or email wallet). Once this is complete, press the claim button to retrieve your funds!

How do you make money on Zed run?

1:0116:54Every Way To Make Money on Zed Run Horse Racing – YouTubeYouTube

Who is behind Zed run?

Marc Vartabedian Marc Vartabedian. Virtually Human Studio, the startup behind digital horse racing service Zed Run, has raised $20 million in financing, highlighting investors' appetite for companies exploring the intersection of entertainment, gaming and the so-called nonfungible token sector.

Is Zed run on polygon?

The integration will enable ZED RUN gamers to instantly transfer funds from Ethereum to Polygon and vice versa. … To get started, users need to send ETH from Ethereum mainnet to Polygon via the sidechain bridge to pay for in-game NFTs.

How do you make money with NFT?

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How much do Zed horses cost?

Zed Run launched in 2019 but caught fire this spring, after limiting the sales of its horses and capitalizing on a general surge of interest in blockchain tech. Horses now range from $130 to $45,000 based on their programmed characteristics, and they can be run in real-money challenges.


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