What can you do with dark Iron residue?

Where do you turn in Dark Iron Legacy?

The turn in is down the hall to your right after the Ring of Law on the way to the Shadowforge City. As the quest states, it is a statue of the dwarf and it requires Ironfel which drops from the guy that an above poster states is in Shadowforge City.

How do you smelt dark iron ore?

Unlike most smelting normal ore, it requires eight pieces of Dark Iron ore to create one bar of Dark Iron. Dark Iron can only be smelted at the Black Forge deep in the instance. You should take this into account, as some of the smithing recipes require as much as eighteen Dark Iron bars.

What is iron residue?

A dirty steam iron won't press fabric properly and may leave streaks of dirt behind on your clothing. Residue builds up on the iron's sole plate, which is the metal plate that heats for pressing. Residue can come from melted synthetic fabrics or from spray starch buildup. … Turn off the iron and allow it to cool.

How do I get friendly with Thorium Brotherhood vanilla?

Comment by Emsarrev. At 25 rep each time you complete it, you will need 240 Incendosaur Scale, 120 Coal and either 480 Kingsblood, 1200 Heavy Leather or 480 Iron Bar to go from neutral to friendly. For friendly to honored, you need 960 Dark Iron Residue.

Where do you hand in dark iron residue?

Thorium Point
Dark Iron residue is used to increase your reputation from friendly to honored with the thorium brotherhood in a repeatable quest, see below. U do this at the same place you do the repeatable quest to become friendly with the thorium brotherhood. This is done at Master Smith Burninate at Thorium Point.

What are dark iron scraps for?

Turn these in to Korfax inside the Chapel. Run BRD loads, ninja the scraps, and turn them in at Light's Hope Chapel for decent Argent Dawn reputation. The first turn in is by far the best, in terms of rewards in rep and exp. However, it's a ready reputation grind and useful if you plan on running Naxx.

What is the black stuff on my iron?

That is, until you notice that your iron is sticking to fabric, spraying dirty water or leaving black spots on your clothing. Over time, dirt, dust, spray starch and fabric fibers buildup on the bottom soleplate of your iron, and old water inside your iron's water reservoir can begin to cause rust spots.

How do you remove residue from an iron?

Dampen a towel with distilled white vinegar. Then, wipe the iron's soleplate to remove any gunk. In some situations, some residue may remain, which will call for soaking a clean towel in distilled vinegar and laying the cool iron soleplate on the towel. Simply let it soak for 15-30 minutes, then wipe away dry.

What does Thorium Brotherhood Rep give you?

The main reason for gaining reputation with the Brotherhood is to unlock the unique crafting recipes they have for each profession. Especially the Fire Resistance gear needed against various raid bosses and Blacksmithing plans at Exalted to craft epic weapons.

Where is Thorium Point?

northern Searing Gorge
Thorium Point is a small, neutral town in northern Searing Gorge inhabited by the Thorium Brotherhood. It has a flight path and the majority of the quests in the Searing Gorge as well as a couple of vendors. It is located northeast of Firewatch Ridge and is populated mostly by neutral Dark Iron dwarves.

Where can I farm dark iron scraps?

Fire Ogres in Burning Steppes are the best place to farm them (aside from BRD)… I got 9 in 30-45 minutes. They also drop runecloth pretty frequently.

How do I get insignia of the Dawn Classic?

Insignia's come from doing odd (repeatable) jobs for The Scarlet Crusade. NPCs at Light's Hope Chapel. Korfax, Champion of the Light – gives Insignia of the Dawn for 30 Dark Iron Scraps – drop from "creatures in the Burning Steppes and Searing Gorge" and also in "the dungeons of Blackrock Spire and Blackrock Depths."

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