Should top case fans be intake or exhaust?

Should top case fans be intake or exhaust Reddit?

You want them as exhaust. right now you have way more intake than exhaust so you have positive pressure in the case, balanced is the way to go. hot air rising isn't really what matters here. but yeah they should be exhaust when you already have the 3 intake at the front.

Which is better more intake or exhaust fans?

It's best to have slightly more air intake than exhaust. This creates positive air pressure, which reduces “dead spots” in the case, without air circulation, and it prevents dust from coming in through unfiltered openings. … There's no need to filter the exhaust fans; no sense trapping in dust.

Is it better to have one exhaust fan or one intake fan?

exhaust, because only having suction, (or suction greater than that of the PSU) create positive air pressure in the case, this just builds up hot air. with exhaust fan it suck the air out and draws new air in much more efficiently. if this is a real situation, then get 2 fan and put one intake and another exhaust.

How do I know if my fan is intake or exhaust?

There should be arrows embossed in the fan's frame or printed on a sticker that indicates the direction of air flow and the direction that the fan blades spin. It is you who decides whether or not the fan is used as an intake fan or an exhaust fan based on which way you mount the fan onto the computer case.

Should a top mounted radiator push or pull?

Distinguished. CountMike said: With radiator, push or pull makes no difference, same amount of air goes thru because it's closed on all sides and has no air leakage.

Should intake fans spin faster than exhaust?

The AIO fans are always on. … All fans are on but intakes spin 10% faster than the exhaust fans.

Is it bad to have all intake fans?

It's a fine balance. A single exhaust at back, and covered top ports creates enough low pressure area to help that influx of intake air, which drags with it gpu heat collected up top. 2x fans, one rear and one top rear would be better, higher draw.

Are intake fans necessary?

The airflow that you need is determined by your cpu and graphics card. If you are using Intel non overclocked and integrated graphics, a single 120mm intake fan in front is all you need. OTOH, If you will use a overclocked cpu like a I5-6600K and a strong graphics card like a GTX1070 you will want more.

Are intake fans important?

Case ventilation, airflow, and cooling are very important for gamers and enthusiasts. The combination of intake and exhaust fans help to cool internal components, especially the cpu and video card.

Which fans should be intake?

Generally, you want the case fans in front of the case drawing in air while the fans at the rear blow air out. If your case has vents at the top, they should be placed as exhaust fans because hot air will rise. Side-mounted fans should be used for intake, though they often don't have air filters.

Which way is intake and exhaust?

Most computer fans flow front-to-back (←), and spin counter-clockwise. The crossbars and the wires are usually located on the back of the fan (the exhaust side). Another quick test you can use is this: if you can see the whole blade, that's the intake side.

Should you mount AIO top or front?

The side of the radiator where the tubes are connected should not be at the top of the loop. … When air is collected at the top, having the radiator mounted with the tubes down means air is not sucked into the tubes and the pump.

Should fans be in front or behind radiator?

it will get hot and ideally it would be placed at the top of the system – where the fan is. intakes at front and rear will exhaust through the top radiator. heat rises naturally and this would take advantage of that.

What RPM should my fans be running at?

Usually around about 900ish rpm, fans will create enough noise to be somewhat audible, and the higher the rpm, the louder that gets. If you've ever heard an 8000rpm Delta server fan, you'd understand.

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