Should runners wear orthotics?

Should I wear my orthotics when exercising?

During your first 6 weeks of orthotic therapy, we advise exercises to help soft tissue adapt to the new postural changes. We expect that most patients will wear their orthotic between 50-60% of their walking or standing hours, which should include exercise, and work or school.

Do elite runners wear orthotics?

1,2 Many runners adhere to the false belief that they need to “support” their arches with an orthotic device to protect from the heavy pounding that occurs from running. … There is evidence that demonstrates most elite runners who are finishing first and running faster are landing on the forefoot.

Do NBA players wear orthotics?

Simply put, orthotics are custom-made insoles to enhance and support the function of the feet and legs. Some NBA players wear these special foot pads in their shoes. However, the materials used in developing orthotics can still gather bacteria from dust and sweat.

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