Should I use Broken War to craft war?

Is Broken War rare?

You got lucky. Broken War and War both have ~2.8% drop rate.

Is Broken war any good?

Broken War is one of the best longswords, War is greatly outclassed by the Galatine P in both raw damage and scaling damage. Plus, you'd need to re catalyst war once you make it.

What is the best starter weapon in Warframe?

Primary Beginner Weapons in Warframe

  • Boltor: Piercing assault rifle good against the Grineer (blueprint available for free at the Mercury Junction)
  • Karak: Impact assault rifle good against Corpus (blueprint available on the standard Warframe market)

How does the broken scepter work?

The Broken Scepter has two small orbs that orbit around it, which act as an indicator of how many times the player can use the Scepter's draining ability consecutively. One orb is consumed when performing a drain, and if both orbs are consumed the player will be unable to drain enemy corpses until the orbs regenerate.


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