Is Thunderfury viable in TBC?

When did Thunderfury get nerfed in TBC?

Hi, Did thunderfury proc less often while doing 70 raids during TBC compared to the proc frequency while doing 60 raids during Classic/Vanilla? It got nerfed in 2.0. 1.2 if I recall.

Is Kings defender better than Thunderfury?

Kings defender is fast, has very good tanking stats, and has much more dps, allowing you to produce that much more aggro then from TF proc. King's Defender IS better then Thunderfury.

How much threat does Thunderfury generate?

Thunderfury attack speed debuff, generates zero threat.

How do I get Thunderfury Blessed Blade of the Windseeker?

This weapon is obtained from Molten Core by collecting both left and right half of "Bindings of the Windseeker" which drop from respectively Baron Geddon and Garr in Molten Core. This then starts a long quest chain which involves killing Thunderaan the Windseeker in Silithus.

How good is Gressil in TBC?

Gressil/HC are good starter weapons for TBC but I wouldn't go out of your way to get them. The blacksmithing weapons and boe epics are higher dps, not to mention raid weapons. Even heroic dungeon weapons are nearly as good. Force Reactive Disc would be more of a prot pally item for farming.

How strong is Thunderfury?

Taking the proc effect into account, Thunderfury is an ~85 DPS weapon. However, it's important to note that a large portion of this dps (the proc) does not scale with gear. This means that as a player reaches higher and higher levels of AP/crit, Thunderfury becomes less effective.

Is it hard to get Thunderfury?

Thunderfury, Blessed Blade of the Windseeker is a One-Hand Sword obtainable through a fairly time-consuming quest line which starts in Molten Core.

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