Is Styleens good in TBC?

Is Earthstrike still good in TBC?

Earthstrike won't be worth it, there's multiple quest reward trinkets that are better. Edgies become worthless because they change how weapon skill works and add in expertise. Diamond Flask doesn't scale with healing in TBC.

Is DFT still good in TBC?

3 months into TBC and this trinket is still one of the best one out there. Passive trinkets i.e. no "on use" or "change on" are still the best trinkets out there.

Is Thunderfury useful in TBC?

Thunderfury is still the best tanking weapon in the game due to the speed, overall DPS, and effect on the weapon. … It's not a *bad* paladin weapon, but it's doubtful any raid will ever let paladins obtain it, since the weapon better helps warriors and rogues in their primary raid roles of tanking and dealing damage.

What class should I play TBC?

Unless Blizzard makes some major changes to TBC, you can expect Warlocks to be the most dominant DPS class in the game for quite some time. While Destruction Warlocks are probably your best bet if you're looking for the simplest form of incredible damage output, all Warlock specs will be viable when TBC launches.

Is Hungering Cold good in TBC?

This sword is wonderful for tanking, and a great step towards tanking.

Can warlocks use swords TBC?

Warlocks are able to use Daggers, Staves, Swords (One-handed), Off Hands and Wands.

How long does it take to get Thunderfury?

I was lucky enough to get the Bindings due to the fact that we already had a Warrior with Thunderfury already. Took me a long while to get them though – at least 12 months, doing Molten Core almost every week!

What is the best DPS class in TBC?


  • Warlock: S. Warlocks are one of the best DPS in TBC.
  • Hunter: S. Beast Master Hunter rival Destruction Warlock as the top DPS in TBC.
  • Mage: A. Mages don't quite have the same damage as Warlocks or Hunters.
  • Enhancement Shaman: B.
  • Retribution Paladin: C+
  • Shadow Priest: C.
  • Elemental Shaman: C.
  • Rogue: C.

27 Oct 2021

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