Is starfruit good Plants vs. Zombies?

What does starfruit do in Plants vs Zombies?

Starfruit is a recurring character within the Plants vs. Zombies franchise. Starfruit shoots star projectiles in five different directions, including above, below, and behind himself.

What is the best plant in Plants vs Zombies?

Winter melon
1. Winter melon (Upgrade after adventure):The Winter melon is THE BEST PLANT IN A PVZ GAME!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It deals four damage, does 1 damage around the hit zombie, does lobbed-shot stuff, and SLOWS THEM DOWN TOO.

How much damage does the starfruit do?

Starfruit attacks by projecting stars in five different directions whenever a zombie is in his line of fire: one to the left, one going up, one going down, one going to the upper right (gradient of 1/2), and the last going lower right (gradient of -1/2). Each star deals 20 damage.

Are star fruit good for you?

Star fruit is a delicious, nutritious fruit that is low in calories but packed with vitamin C, fiber, and antioxidants. People with kidney problems or those who take prescription drugs should consult with a doctor before eating this fruit.

Is starfruit safe to eat?

Studies show that eating starfruit can have a harmful (toxic) effect for people who have kidney disease. The substances found in starfruit can affect the brain and cause neurological disorders. This toxic substance is called a neurotoxin.

How do I get to Grave Buster?

Grave Buster is now unlocked by finishing Ancient Egypt – Day 9.

How do I buy Torchwood?

To unlock the Torchwood, the player needs to open all 5 locks of the Torchwood chest. Each lock requires 15 Rainbow Stars to be unlocked, resulting in the total of 75 Rainbow Stars needed to unlock this class along with the completion of the 4 Trials.

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