Is Starbase going to be free?

Is Starbase available?

Starbase is coming to Steam Early Access later in 2019! You can wishlist it here on Steam.

How do I get to Starbase Alpha?

If you'd like to participate in the Starbase Closed Alpha, and you've done one of the two signup surveys – await your invitation! If you've not done the survey, head over to and fill out the form, and join our Discord ( for the latest info.

How do I sell ore Starbase?

You will want to tether to the platform of your choice with the F key; then, access the information hub and find the ship cargo menu to begin selling your Ore individually, or you can select Sell All to unload it in the quickest way possible.

How do you refuel a ship in Starbase?

0:362:46Starbase – Guide – How Refuel Your Ships Propellant! – YouTubeYouTube

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