Is Sparx Indian company?

Is Sparx Indian brand?

A Fortune 500 (India) company, synonymous with quality products & affordable prices,it manufactures slippers, sandals and sports & casual shoes. Its most popular brands – Relaxo, Sparx, Flite & Bahamas are a leader in their space.

Who is the owner of Sparx footwear company?

#74 Ramesh Kumar and Mukand Lal Dua The company is known for its affordable brands such as Sparx (sports shoes), Bahamas (flip flops) and Schoolmate (school shoes). Ramesh Kumar runs the company as managing director.

Is spark good brand?

According to the Brand Trust Report of 2016, Sparx has been ranked as the third most trusted footwear brand in India. So, if you are shopping for a pair of new shoes, whether for running or for casual outings, don't forget to have a look at the collection of shoes for men from Sparx.

Who is the brand ambassador of Sparx?

Superstar Akshay Kumar
Brand Ambassador Superstar Akshay Kumar launched the high octane campaign for Sparx which shows him on a film set, inspiring a young person to realise his innate potential and take a bold step into the new by participating as his co -star in an action sequence during the shoot.

Is relaxo Indian company?

Relaxo Footwears Limited is an Indian multinational footwear manufacturer based in New Delhi.

Who made campus shoes?

It is promoted by HK Aggarwal, who in 1983 had founded the 'Action' brand, which became a household name in the casual and sports footwear segment in India. “Our nation's growing population — across all ages — desires affordable, high-quality footwear," Campus chief executive Nikhil Aggarwal said.

Which Sparx sandal is best?

Top 10 Sparx Sandals & Floaters

Sandals & Floaters NAME PRICE
Sparx Men's Sandals & Floaters Rs.559
Sparx Men's Black and Red Nylon Sandals and Floaters – 8 UK Rs.631
Sparx Men's Black and Red Sandals and Floaters – 10 UK (SS-703) Rs.448
Sparx Men's Green Synthetic Sandals & Floaters (SS-604) – 8 UK Rs.765

Who is brand ambassador of Nike?

Indian footballer and Nike brand ambassador Baichun Bhutia spins a football at the launch of the "Total 90" range of football products in Mumbai, 03…

Which company shoes Akshay Kumar wear?

The pair that he is wearing is Onitsuka Tiger's Serran Slip-Ons. What really sets the shoe apart from what we have seen from most pairs this year, is the fact that it is slip-on, without laces. The pair normally retails for about Rs 5200 on Onitsuka's global portal, but are currently available on sale for Rs 3700.

Is relaxo and Flite same?

Brand Flite Flite is a sub-brand owned by Relaxo, which is a popular footwear company in India.

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