Is MM viable in TBC?

What spec is best for Hunter TBC?

Beast Mastery
What is the best Hunter spec in TBC? Beast Mastery is far and away the best Hunter spec. Raids will want one Survival Hunter for their debuff that they bring, but Beast Mastery is the strongest Hunter spec. 9.

Will the one button macro work in TBC?

You've probably heard the talk about the Hunter one button macro. Well, it was real, but unfortunately has been removed. Update: Since TBC Classic's live release, this macro is no longer working.

Are Survival hunters good in TBC?

With special tracking abilities, traps, and a wide range of utility spells, Hunters are a great choice for anyone looking for a strong solo class with incredible ranged damage and unique utility.

Are Hunters strong in TBC?

Hunters do the best raid dps in the game tied with Warlocks, arguably more in tier 6 content. Also being ranged gives them an advantage over melee dps. Hunters are generally one of the easiest classes to gear out because mail gear has way less contention compared to cloth and leather.

Can Draenei be hunters in TBC?

So, with the release of the Burning Crusade, new Draenei players will be able to choose from warrior, paladin, hunter, priest, shaman, and mage options, while new Blood Elves will be able to pick from paladin, hunter, rogue, priest, mage, and warlock.

Does Steady Shot macro work in TBC Classic?

Generally, Beast Mastery Hunters have a very simple rotation. One, in fact, that can be predominantly maintained through the use of one macro with a few key abilities tossed in to increase our DPS. Thanks to äppelpak in the comments section, we now have a working Steady Shot macro for Live TBC Classic servers!

How good is expose weakness TBC?

Expose Weakness increases the attack power of all attackers against that target by 25% of your Agility for 7 sec. Your ranged criticals have a 33% chance to apply an Expose Weakness effect to the target. Expose Weakness increases the attack power of all attackers against that target by 25% of your Agility for 7 sec.

Does Ferocious Inspiration stack TBC?

Ferocious Inspiration does not stack with other hunters', a paladin's Sanctified Retribution, or patch 3.3's change to Arcane Empowerment. Ferocious Inspiration affects all the damage dealt by casters, melee, and ranged physical dps.

How many stable slots is a TBC?

two stable slots
TBC Classic Hunter Pets Beast Lore will provide information as to which mobs are tameable, their capabilities, and food preference. Hunters may still only have one active pet at a time and there are still only two stable slots.

Are Draenei hunters good?

Most half-ogre also become melee hunters; those who don't use massive composite longbows – something to which they can apply their great strength.

Is Steady Shot affected by haste?

Steady Shot is affected by haste bonuses and ranged attack speed bonuses including Rapid Fire and Bloodlust. Hunters are the only class whose GCD is unaffected by haste.

What races can be Druids in TBC?

In The Burning Crusade Druids can only be Tauren if you are playing Horde, or Night Elf if you are playing Alliance.

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