Is MetaMask a trust wallet?

Is MetaMask Ethereum wallet?

In a nutshell, Metamask is a crypto wallet– it allows you to store and transact Ethereum or any other Ethereum-based (ERC- 20) tokens. You do not register it on a website, but rather install it as an extension to your Chrome or Firefox browser.

Do you have to verify MetaMask?

Just like it's your responsibility to verify the Ethereum addresses you transact with, it is also your responsibility to verify any custom networks you add to MetaMask.

Is MetaMask wallet anonymous?

MetaMask is a pretty safe alternative to nothing, but it surely isn't anonymous. So if you require a high level of anonymity in your crypto wallet and transactions, this might not be the best option for you.

Does MetaMask charge a fee?

A service fee of 0.875% is automatically factored into each quote, which supports ongoing development to make MetaMask even better.

How do I use trust wallet with MetaMask?

0:131:04How to Transfer Crypto from Metamask to Trustwallet (2021)YouTube

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