Is Jaehee a girl?

Why is Jaehee hair short?

She has good vision, but is forced to wear glasses as part of her attire as Jumin's secretary. She keeps her hair short as part of Jumin's demands as his secretary, as well. She has long hair in her earlier draft.

What is Jaehee’s favorite color?

– Her favorite foods are meat, chicken and green tea. – The foods that she doesn't like are vegetables, mushroom and tomato. – Her hobbies are making stuffs (clay, slime and dolls) and listening to music. – Her favorite colors are yellow, pink, conch, purple, and white.

How old is Jaehee Kang?

Jaehee Kang (강제희, Kang Jae-hee) is currently the only female member of RFA besides the protagonist. She is a 26-year-old Chief Assistant at C&R International and Jumin's personal assistant.

What is Jaehee’s birthday?

If you have questions for other characters, please click on the link below. [MM] Ask Me Anything – Please submit questions you have for our characters! We hope all of you have a Christmas filled with happiness, and meet us on Mystic Messenger to celebrate Jaehee Kang's birthday with us on the 26th!

What is Jaehee’s job?

Jaehee is Jumin's Chief Secretary, her job involves auditing his schedule and also looking after his cat, Elizabeth 3rd, which tends to drive her crazy. Jaehee isn't happy about everything her job with Jumin has to offer, and gets frustrated with him from time to time. But she is always loyal to her boss.

Is the Jaehee route romantic?

The prologue will take place over a four-day time period, during this time just be sure to at least participate in 31% of the chats to ensure you get on Jaehee Kang's route. Keep in mind that this isn't a romantic route.

What happens when you call mystic messenger?

In this game, you can call the other characters and give your answers in a conversation. All phone conversations are voiced so you can hear the voices of the characters.

Do calls matter in Mystic Messenger?

Calls and text messages have no effect on routes or ending – they merely provide extra colour and perspective on the characters. Enjoy them when they occur, but don't worry about missing them. You can earn extra Hearts in messages, but they only add to your currency total – not affect your endings.

WHAT IS 707s lolol name?

Hacker God
Known Players 707, under the username "Hacker God".

What does RFA mean mystic messenger?

Rika’s Fundraising Association
RFA, short for Rika's Fundraising Association, is an organization started by Rika to raise money by fundraising through the hosting of parties, and the main basis of Mystic Messenger.

What happens if you miss chats in Mystic Messenger?

Every day, more than 10 chat rooms open up. New chat rooms usually open after 1-2 hours. If you miss a chat session, the conversation still occurs without you. After that, you can read the conversation but will not be able to interact with the characters during that time.

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