Is it safe to keep crypto on Bitbuy?

Is it safe to hold crypto on exchange?

Keeping your digital assets in an exchange wallet is comes with added risks, so storing your cryptocurrency there for a long period of time is not a good idea.

How long should you hold crypto?

This type of investment in crypto is when you expect its price to increase over time — usually an investment that must be maintained for a minimum of 6 months to 1 year. In some cases, long-term crypto investors plan on holding their investments for multiple years.

What is the safest crypto?

Bitcoin is the most established cryptocurrency, and it's more safe than most altcoin investments.

Should I keep holding my crypto?

For those who invest in crypto for the long-term using a buy-and-hold strategy, swings like this are to be expected. … Experts recommend keeping your cryptocurrency investments to under 5% of your portfolio.

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