Is it safe to buy WoW gold classic?

Do you get banned for buying WoW gold?

The temporary bans are pretty short, only 3 days in fact, but they also remove all the gold bought (and according to some unconfirmed reports, a lot of extra gold as well), and clearly state that future suspensions will be harsher and possibly even result in permanent bans.

Can you buy gold for World of Warcraft Classic?

Unfortunately, there are no real catch-up mechanics in WoW Classic so the only way to acquire gold for a lot of new players is to straight up buy it.

What is the best site to buy WoW classic gold?

The Best Places to Buy WoW Gold (Don't Get Scammed)

  • Eldorado.
  • InGameDelivery.
  • G2G.
  • iGVault.
  • The Bottom Line.

Feb 17, 2021

Is Eldorado safe to buy gold?

If you want safe, secure, fast, and cheap gold with no hidden extras and excellent 24/7 customer service, then Eldorado is the best choice.

How much does it cost to buy gold in classic WoW?

The cost of gold varies per server and some sellers are attempting to undercut the market by selling their smaller amounts of gold for slightly cheaper, but the average remains about 1.12 USD. On some of the most popular servers, in-game gold is even more expensive.

Is G2G gold safe?

G2G boasts a WoW Gold program without a middleman, which means better prices for you! They also have 100% protection through Game Protect, which allows you to assess the seller's rating and reputation before you purchase from them. That's a great way to ensure you don't get scammed.

Is GTG com legit?

G2G has a consumer rating of 3.6 stars from 215 reviews indicating that most customers are generally satisfied with their purchases. Consumers satisfied with G2G most frequently mention fast delivery and next time. G2G ranks 15th among Video Games Other sites.

Is G2G safe?

G2G imposed strict rules and policies for our sellers to adhere to. You shouldn't be worried about making purchases from our sellers. The payment will be protected by GamerProtect system until a transaction is complete.

Is El Dorado real?

Although the Muisca are known as the origin of the El Dorado myth because of the zipa rituals, they did not actually have an abundance of natural gold. Rather, they were rich in salt, emeralds, and copper. … El Dorado never existed, and the Muisca paid a steep price for Europeans' centuries of assumptions.

Is it safe to buy TBC Classic gold?

We can honestly tell you that not every transaction is 100% safe or without any risk, but our customers' accounts have a very low rate of getting banned as our WoW Classic TBC gold is farmed by real players. … You can also get your purchased gold via the AH.

Can u get scammed on G2G?

Intentional fraud or scam – Seller's account will be permanently suspended and G2G reserves the right to recall all payment being disbursed to seller and pursue legal action.

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