Is hate a good scythe?

Is hate good in Warframe?

Due to its higher attack rate, and wide sweeping default melee attacks, the Hate is ideal for players who plan to primarily use melee attacks in quick succession.

Where is ANKU Warframe?

The Anku's blueprint can be researched from the Tenno Lab in the dojo.

Is hate a good weapon?

Hate is one of the Stalkers signature weapons which can become quite powerful in the hands of a good user who has built it properly. … This weapon has a decent attack speed and have a high critical multiplier sporting 2.5x critical damage when dealing critical hits.

What does draining do Warframe?

It has a special ability that allows the player to 'drain' deceased enemies to gain health or energy orbs.

How good is cestra Warframe?

While having good base accuracy, the Cestra has significant recoil that scatters its shots, making it ineffective for long range shooting. Steady Hands is a must if one plans to utilize the Cestra's high base accuracy effectively.


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