Is despondently a word?

What does despondently mean mean?

: feeling or showing extreme discouragement, dejection, or depression despondent about his health.

Is despondently an adverb?

despondently adverb – Definition, pictures, pronunciation and usage notes | Oxford Advanced Learner's Dictionary at

What is the synonym of despondently?

Some common synonyms of despondent are despairing, desperate, and hopeless. While all these words mean "having lost all or nearly all hope," despondent implies a deep dejection arising from a conviction of the uselessness of further effort.

What is Despindent?

adjective. feeling or showing profound hopelessness, dejection, discouragement, or gloom: despondent about failing health.

Is Disconsolating a word?

adjective. That makes a person disconsolate; disheartening, distressing.

Is lethargically a word?

In a lethargic manner, without energy, tiredly.

Is flamboyantly a word?

adj. 1. Given to or marked by elaborate, ostentatious, or audacious display or behavior.

What is a word for feeling sorry for yourself?

self-pity Add to list Share. … When you feel sorry for yourself, or overly sad about the difficulties you face, you're indulging in self-pity.

What does despondency mean in the dictionary?

noun. state of being despondent; depression of spirits from loss of courage or hope; dejection.

What is the past tense of disconsolate?

2. Cheerless; gloomy: a disconsolate winter landscape. [Middle English, from Medieval Latin discōnsōlātus : Latin dis-, dis- + cōnsōlātus, past participle of cōnsōlārī, to console; see console1.] dis·con′so·late·ly adv. dis·con′so·la′tion (-kŏn′sə-lā′shən) n.

What’s the definition of the word disconsolate?

1 : cheerless a clutch of disconsolate houses— D. H. Lawrence. 2 : dejected, downcast the team returned disconsolate from three losses.

Is lackadaisical a real word?

without interest, vigor, or determination; listless; lethargic: a lackadaisical attempt. lazy; indolent: a lackadaisical fellow.

How do you spell lethargically?

of, relating to, or affected with lethargy; drowsy; sluggish; apathetic.

Is the wrong end of the stick?

A misunderstanding or distortion, as in We ordered a “full quart” of rice, but the clerk got hold of the wrong end of the stick and sent us “four quarts” instead. This expression refers to a walking stick held upside down, which does not help a walker much.

What’s a flamboyant guy?

If you say that someone or something is flamboyant, you mean that they are very noticeable, stylish, and exciting.

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